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Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and -- hypnotist and magician. >> cat ti terry is the gem manager of carls junior. she had a gun shoved into her face, given two days off and then fired. cat he's boss wouldn't tell us why she was fired. >>> this florida man and his horse galloped right through a stop sign and kept riding through the entire city in st. august stein. after a few hours people started following the rider who was weaving between cars and he was eventually pulled off the horse and arrested. >>> dogs pushing dogs in strollers. southern california. is this great? look at this. it's like a stroller race in pimlico, the second saturday if may. can't get enough of this. get your dogs to do that at home. >> no kidding. >> love it. looks like they're having fun. >> all right. school is back in session. so are fall sports teams. >> what every parent needs to know to keep kids from getting concussions. >> a game ends with a 15-year-old by dead. >> and you scrub, scour and sponge but are you did thing the best cleaner possible. which cleaning brands really deliver on the promises they make.
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
-powered blenders. that should be fun to check out. this is in the 800 block of carl street charles street 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today. >>> the ravens are gearing up to meet the patriots this weekend. you may remember the last game. the grudge match starts at 8:20 sunday night. we'll let you know how to dress if you have tickets for that. >>> tomorrow there's a fundraiser for the victim of the perry high school shooting. daniel bowery's family says they will be raising money for his medical bills and he'll be at the event. the party will happen 11:00 to 7:00 saturday. a fellow student is charged with shooting bowery. >>> new this morning, teachers in anne arundel county will get more money in their paychecks. the school board approved a 1.25% cost of living increase. about 6,000 workers will get raises at the cost of nearly $2.5 million. most of those will get the raise coming up in january. >>> a judge rules a change in the pension system. this is the baltimore police and firefighters. that judge says it's unconstitutional. the unions have been fighting a change that came down in 2010. they say
Sep 25, 2012 11:35pm EDT
the road and everyone so close to skres ka a jessica and carl. but they decided to move. >> we all put our house on the market at the same time. there's sold and they're gone. >> reporter: they can't sell their house and can't figure out why. they bought the house for $325,000 six years ago. today they're asking $225,000. $100,000 less. but it still won't sell. >> $100,000, it's real money and our savings -- we're going pay to get out of it. is it overpriced? they brought in an appraiser to find out and got bad news. he estimated their home was worth just $190,000. $35,000 less than what they're asking. that gap could be a huge problem if they ever do get an offer. . when a bank gets a low appraisal they often won't do the loan at all. they feel it's overvalued. and they feel at risk. you can implore with the bank they have a second look but the fact of the matter it's rarely urn turned around. >> reporter: underappraisals is an obstacle in today's tough et. >> just when they thought everything was great and they know what the house is worth and three people wanted it. they get the last-mi
Sep 5, 2012 4:55am EDT
, this happening in parkville. we're talking about a 19-year- old and an 18-year-old, carl ready. you see them right there on your screen, charged with concocting drugs for huffing. chenoffo's mother says the boys were mixing engine starter fluid with watein plastic bottles. she says she thinks they planned to sell those as an inhalant. she says her son made facebook posts threatening to shoot up local high schools. >> he actually idolizes columbine, he knows their names, he thinks it's fabulous. he idolizes all the people that do that kind of stuff and i'm afraid in the long run he could basically do the same thing to a school and it scares me. >> police say that they have not found evidence yet that a threat like this could have been carried out. >>> a man accused of setting two fires at a denny's in harford county still on the loose this morning, but there is a $10,000 reward now being offered for any information leading to an arrest. deputy state fire marshal right now is trying to find a person of interest seen on this surveillance video at the time of both fires. the fires were set in t
Sep 25, 2012 6:30pm EDT
at the same time, they already sold. they're gone. >> reporter: but jessica and her husband, carl, are stuck in jersey. they bought the house for $325,000 six years ago. today, they're asking $225,000. a $100,000 loss. >> $100,000 is -- it's real money. >> reporter: what's worse, the house was just appraised at $190,000 -- $35,000 less than what they're asking. that gap could be a huge problem if they ever do get an offer. >> when a bank gets a low appraisal, they often won't do the loan at all because they feel as though it overvalued the house and they feel at risk. so, you can implore with the bank that they get a second look. but, the fact of the matter is, it's rarely turned around. >> reporter: but could we turn it around? we brought in one of the country's top appraisal experts for the inside scoop. she let us in on three ways appraisers are sizing up your home. first, the first sight. >> walking into this house we need a hatchet, right? >> i didn't bring my machete. >> this is a no no. >> reporter: appraisers can hack off thousands of dollars form your home's value for just having an
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
disspended. >>> a terrifying ordeal for a manager at carl's jr. after taking time off to recover, she was fired from her job. carl's jr. is not saying why. and some new developments in the decades-old search for teamsters' boss, jimmy hoffa. police in detroit have received a new trip that hoffa is buried under the driveway you see there. they're now taking soil samples. thousands of tips have come in when hoffa vanished in 1975. >>> finally, the prime minister of great britain, perhaps a little embarrassed this morning. he was on david letterman last night. got a pop quiz on british history. he did rather well. but he missed two. he knew which year the magna carta was signed. but he didn't know what magna carta meant. it means great charter. he also couldn't name the composer of "rule britannia." that composer is? thomas arnes. i'm going to guess there aren't a ton of brits that know it, either. on par, he can be excused. >> a pop quiz. >> nose are the only two he missed. >> little high-risk for a british prime minister on letterman. josh, thanks. >>> the race for the white house. "yo
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
-year-old justin "the trendoffo" and carl ready are charged with concocting drugs for huffing. the boy's mother says the boys were mixing engine starter fluid. she says they planned to sell that as an inhalant. she also said her son made facebook posts threatening to shoot up local schools. >>> time for weather. we'll send it over to meteorologist lynette charles and see how it's shaping up outside. >> we're drying up in harford county, cecil, we did have spotty showers. but now a break in the action. as we go throughout the day, we have possibilities for scattered showers picking uch. we will see a little bit of sunshine as we go throughout the day. that will be mixing with some cloud cover. temperature right now in baltimore at 77 degrees. we are very humid once again. and this is what it looks like for your hour-by-hour forecast. we will be at 88 degrees. that's the high with some thunderstorms. let's get a check now of the traffic with mike. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette, good morning, everybody. we'll take you right to the boards and show you a lot of tieups on
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7